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About The Loas

Voodoo Loas, or Lwa, are spirits that inhabit this world. These spirits have manifested in an assortment of ways throughout history. Different cultural experiences have demonstrated the existence of these Loas; some have known them as angels, others as saints. In Haitian Creole, the term Les Invisibles, or the Invisibles, is used to describe the Loa. This is because Loa are spiritual beings who reside in a spiritual realm.

Although the Loa reside in a spiritual realm they are able to interact with us. Communication with, and requesting the assistance of, Loas is an integral part of Voodoo. The Loas are used in many spells and represent an assortment of different powers within each of us.


Families of Loa

Loa, just like human beings, have primary homes in different places of the world. Although spiritual beings and accessable around the world, Loa can be linked to different geographical locations. These Loa are then said to be of a family or nationality, and tend to exhibit similar characteristics to other members of their family.

List of Loa

Papa Legba





Papa Ghede

Baron Samhedi

Maman Brigitte