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All About Emmanuel

Veve of Baron Samedi for Real Voodoo Curses

A Lifetime of Voodoo Experience

Emmanuel was raised and brought up in the Voodoo tradition. From his earliest childhood experiences he was taught to commune with the Loas, pray to God, and utilize the secret spells and magics available to him via Voodoo. Emmanuel brings you an entire lifetime of experience, as well as the experience of his family and ancestors, in real Voodoo work.

Voodoo Priesthood, or the role of the Houngan, is not strictly hereditary. Many become adept practitioners who do not have Voodoo families. However, the time and experience it takes to become a Voodoo Priest, or Houngan, means that the most skilled and adept Houngans come from Voodoo families. In fact, the Voodoo tradition teaches that blessings, as well as curses, conferred to parents and ancestors will be passed down to the children. The same is true of magical ability, and special magical traditions. Emmanuel has received the blessings of his ancestors, their traditions, and their powers - now it is his turn to use them to help the world, humankind, and yourself.

Professional Recognitions

"Emmanuel is a prime example of the modern Vodou Ongon. The synthesis of ancestral Vodou rituals with modern technological applications will be the future of the Vodou religion today, as it continues to thrive and flourish in an emerging Haiti still recovering from the Duvalier regime of decades past." - Professor Jean Simone Charles, in Anthropology Aficionado, 1998.

"On my recent trip to the artistic Croix-Des-Bouquets division in Port-Au-Prince I had the pleasure of viewing a collection of Vodou dolls on display. The Houngan who crafted them explained the significance of each, but what caught my eye was the amazing attention to detail each exhibited. For each fetish doll contained a mark or highlight that, aside from the obvious differences, elicited an emotional and spiritual response of uniqueness. Although I am not a religious man, I could not help but feel a spark of the divine that brought a single tear to my eye." - Dr. Adrien Stevenson, Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain, 2001

A Houngan's Lineage

Born Emmanuel Arthur Edwards, Emmanuel was raised from birth in the Voodoo tradition. His father was a Houngan, or Voodoo Priest, and his mother was a Manbo, or Voodoo Priestess. This was also the case of his grandparents, and their parents. For many generations Voodoo, and the blessings it holds, was passed down from father to son and from mother to daughter. Emmanuel was a beneficiary of this tradition and quickly became a leading practitioner in the field.

Upon attaining his own confirmation as a Voodoo Houngan after many years of apprenticeship under his father, Emmanuel set off abroad from his native Haiti to study Voodoo around the world. He has studied the development of Voodoo throughout the Caribbean, it's practical applications in the United States, and even its very roots in Africa. His extensive studies have made him not only an expert on the Voodoo tradition, but a skilled and efficient practitioner of its most closely guarded secrets.

Emmanuel is a certified Voodoo Houngan. He is recognized in his native Haiti as a leading practitioner of Voodoo arts and an expert in the Voodoo tradition. However, Voodoo is more than a magical art. Voodoo is also a spiritual tradition, and as a Houngan Emmanuel has the duty to be a spiritual leader and healer. When you communicate with Emmanuel, you are not only talking to someone who knows Voodoo secrets and can cast real Voodoo spells. You are talking to a Voodoo Priest, a man of strong character and personal ethics who is required to help you. He is bound to do so by his Loas, by his ancestors, and by God.

Voodoo Awards

2001 - Premiere Voodoo Certification, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

2001 - Best Voodoo Cultural Guide, Establishment of Voodoo Tradition and Religion, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

2002 - Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA), African Cultural Center of Vodou in Angola and Congo, Luanda, Angola.

2005 - Spiritual Diversity Recognition Award, New York, New York, USA

2006 - Most Accurate Psychic Predictions, Louisiana Psychic and Magical Association Award, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

2006 - Most Impressive Display of Magical Ability, First Place, Louisiana Psychic and Magical Association Award, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

2008 - Best Voodoo Website of 2008, Review of Traditional and Authentic Magical Practitioners, Fall 2008