Emmanuel Arthur Edwards

Third Generation Houngan

Haiti Beginnings

Early Life

Emmanuel was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to a family of traditional Voodoo practitioners. His father and his grandfather were both notable Houngans, or Vooodoo priests, in the Port-au-Prince area. His mother was from New York City, New York. This would come to shape his early adulthood as he moved to the United States. At the age of seventeen he was fully initiated into the Voodoo tradition as a full Houngan.

By then, Emmanuel already had many years of experience as a boy being ‘ridden’ by the Lwa, or communicating with the spirits.

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Voodoo Experience

Professional Houngan

Emmanuel practiced traditional Voodoo in Haiti before moving to New York City, New York, and later to New Orleans, Louisiana. A growing interest in Voodoo motivated Emmanuel to become one of the first Houngans to offer services on-line, letting him reach the entire world with his expertise. The rich diaspora traditions of Voodoo outside of Haiti furthered his own ability and helped him develop a traditional practice with a modern twist.

Emmanuel has since helped thousands of clients, initiated hundreds and lectured on Voodoo around the world.

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