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This is your opportunity to contact Emmanuel Arthur Edwards, a traditional Voodoo Houngan. The consultation is entirely free of cost. Emmanuel is happy and willing to answer your questions. Whatever your problem or desire, Voodoo may hold the solution for you. Just ask and find out. Don’t hold back, don’t be shy – your information is confidential.

Emmanuel specializes in the practical aspects of the Voodoo tradition, acting as a Houngan or Bokur for you. This simply means performing spells. Emmanuel has unparalleled experience with love spells, protection spells and curses. Perhaps you found this page after a split with your boyfriend or girlfriend, a streak of bad luck or because you seek spiritual power. Emmanuel can help you. This is your chance – write to him and find out if Voodoo is right for you.

You may be as detailed as you wish in your consultation. Emmanuel will consult with the Lwa, the spirits of Voodoo, to find the best option to help your case. Voodoo holds something for everyone and many rituals not listed on the website are available. If you have something in mind, but didn’t see it listed, make sure to write and ask Emmanuel. It’s certain there will be a spell for your case.

You may use the contact form below or send an email directly to:

A word from Houngan Emmanuel

"Many clients come to me when they are in trouble. It is often the most difficult of circumstances that draw people to Voodoo. What you are going through may seem hopeless, but I promise you it is not. Voodoo is a spiritual tradition with miracles. You do not have to give up. You do not have to lose what, or who, you love. Your goals can be brought within reach. We can find a solution together. Do not give up."

Signature of Emmanuel Arthur Edwards