Bend them to your will.

Voodoo Fix to Control Anyone

Voodoo Fix to Control Anyone

  • Overpowering influence and control.

A spell to bend anyone to your will.

If you want full power and control over someone else, this curse will grant it. If you wish to be more influential in general and control others, this spell can make it so. This is a spell that can be placed upon a person to control them, in addition to granting you more power and sway over others.

A Voodoo curse to hold power over others.

This spell is sought for many goals. In the workplace, this spell can give you an edge over coworkers and employers. Employers use spells like this to reach their positions of management or ownership. In Haiti, this is a common rite sought by those in authority positions, such as politicians or police. It is used to hold influence and gain the full compliance of others. It’s a spell to get ahead. Contact Emmanuel if you want a similar edge in life.

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