Drive harmful spirits away from you.

Voodoo Spell to Protect From Evil and Evil Spirits

Voodoo Spell to Protect From Evil and Evil Spirits

  • Stop any form of spiritual harassment.

A spell to stop evil, protect you and banish spirits.

We live in a world filled with spirits. Most are harmless and benign. However, some are malevolent. Even among those spirits that are not, some can pose a harm. And we may offend them without knowing. It’s not uncommon for what seems to be a curse to actually be the persistent attack of a spiritual entity.

Protection and banishing of evil spirits.

In some cases, we may encounter other people who are under the influence of evil spirits. By coming into contact with those people, the evil energy or the spirit itself may attach to you. This requires a form of cleansing or banishing. That is one component of this spell. It is a Voodoo to banish evil, to cleanse you of negative spiritual forces and to drive away actual unwanted spirits.

It is also the case many curses work by directing evil spirits to you. A malicious actor may have requested someone place these spirits on you, to plague you or attack you. This is a common type of curse. This type of curse works differently on a spiritual level, as such a banishing, more than a curse removal, is required to drive those spirits away.

If you believe you have come under attack from spirits, or are plagued by spirits of any type, contact Emmanuel for a divination with the Lwa.

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