Ruin them financially.

Voodoo Hex for Financial Loss and Career Failure

Voodoo Hex for Financial Loss and Career Failure

  • Make them go broke.

A curse for those who have wronged you financially.

If someone has wronged you, particularly if they have wronged you financially, a Voodoo curse for money may be in the cards. This is a hex used to bring full monetary and financial ruin upon someone. It will draw debts into their lives, cause employment trouble and remove any financial luck they have had.

A hex for revenge in the workplace.

The workplace may be an especially volatile environment. It may be a place where you have been treated wrongly and abused. If so, this is a great spell to get revenge on your boss or coworkers. It can also halt anyone standing in your own path to success.

If someone has been giving you problems and you would like to enact financial justice upon them, contact Emmanuel today.

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