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Welcome to the home of Emmanuel Arthur Edwards, third generation Houngan from Port-au-Prince. Here you will find traditional Voodoo rituals, resources for learning about Voodoo and more. Begin your journey alongside Emmanuel and let him guide you to the blessings of the Lwa.

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A Lifetime of Voodoo Experience

Emmanuel has helped thousands of clients — more people are using Voodoo to fix their lives than ever before. If you have been looking for real Voodoo spells, you need seek no further. Emmanuel is a powerful Houngan, experienced and certified in the Voodoo tradition. He can cast spells for love, spells for protection, curse removals or any ritual work you seek.

Voodoo has been handed down by the ancestors. You are invited to contact Emmanuel to see how it may help you.

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"Voodoo is for everyone with an open mind and loving heart. Let us begin together to fix problems and improve our lives in the spiritual and material."

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Emmanuel Arthur Edwards — Houngan

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Voodoo spells are known for fast and strong results. If others have failed, give an experienced Houngan a try.

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Don't risk dabblers or inexperienced casters. Emmanuel can guarantee his spells are safe and will not harm you.

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We never share your information. Emmanuel will keep your secrets fully confidential between you and him.

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Popular Spells

Return an ex or get your loved one back.

Bind love and stop infidelity.

A spell to break them up.

To find your soulmate.

Break any curse and be free.

Ward off evil spirits and energy.

Bind others from casting on you.

End curses on family lines.

Via the Lwa Ayizan and Chango

Draw money into your life.

Be successful at all of your goals.

Fix bad luck, bring good luck.

To ruin a life.

For when you have been wronged.

To curse someone's finances.

To control anyone to your will.

Any spell you need for love.

Any spell you need for protection.

Any curses or hexes available in Voodoo.

Designed for your financial success.

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