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7 Steps To Get The Best Results From Spell Work

Seven Steps to Get The Best Results From Spell Work

How to make sure your spell has the best chance of success.

1. Pick someone you trust and have faith in.

When you have a spell cast on your behalf, it is very important that you trust the person you are working with and that you are confident in their ability to help you. This is a good rule of thumb for acquiring any service, but it is especially important with spiritual services. Trust and faith in the person working on your behalf is part of your spiritual bond with them. Trust helps to lay a spiritual foundation that the spirits can follow and build upon.

If you get bad vibes from a person, if you are skeptical, or if you are unsure they can help you, take a step back and wait. You should never feel uncomfortable or pressured into spell work. The decision must come from you to begin the process. You are putting an important aspect of your life in the hands of the person doing spiritual work on your behalf.

2. Find a tradition that resonates with you.

Listen to your intuition and listen to where the spirits lead you. Two spells in two different traditions, such as Voodoo or Santeria, may be equally powerful. Yet, one may work better for you than it does for another person in the exact same situation. This is partly due to your own resonance with the spiritual tradition you select. If you feel a pull to Voodoo, if your intuition tells you that a Voodoo spell is appropriate, find a Houngan or Mambo to cast for you.

We all have some heritage and some ancestral link to a spiritual tradition. For many people, this may be obvious. You may already know for a fact that you have a heritage in Voodoo. For others, it may be less obvious. It may be a spiritual ancestry that even surprises you – one where there is no obvious ancestry or link. The spirits will guide you to the right tradition for the job. They will guide you to the right person to help you as well.

3. Clear your life from distractions, especially spiritual ones.

After a spell is cast it is important not to put obstacles or barriers in front of the new spell work. This includes physical obstacles as well as spiritual obstacles. For example, if a job spell produces job offers for you, it would be counterproductive to turn down the offers you receive. Voodoo can deliver results into your hands, but you must act upon them once delivered.

If you bounce back and forth from one desire to the next, particularly if they are conflicting desires, this can slow the results of a spell. This effect is sometimes seen in love spells, when a spell is placed on someone who the client is not sure they want to be with. Being sure about the desired result is very important.

4. Let go and don’t focus on the result.

While you want to be sure of the result, you do not want to focus on it. Paradoxically, the more we focus on a result after spell work the more we may push it away from us. The best thing to do is to mentally, emotionally and spiritually let go. Keep your mind busy and occupied on other things. Focus on your goals and improving your own life. The more you elevate yourself, the less resistance any positive spell work will have and the faster results will come.

5. Don’t lose hope or get negative.

Our emotions have a spiritual effect. When we experience negative emotions we also project negative energy into the world. As everything is connected, the energy we project can have an effect on spell work. Don’t set up mental or spiritual blocks in the way of new work that has been done.

This is a hard step, because the results of spell work are very important to us. It’s natural to feel anxiety or stress while you wait for the results of a spell. Learning to stay mindful, focus on the present and to meditate can be very helpful in keeping your mind from wandering to negative thoughts.

6. Have faith in the power of the work.

Many people believe that spells work by the power of suggestion: you need to believe in a spell for it to take effect. This is not so. The spiritual world is real and spells work independent of ones belief in them or not. However, the efficacy of spell may be effected by ones faith in the spell. If you are hesitant or unsure, if you are a skeptic about the spell work, this can slow it down or weaken the results. Having faith in the power of the spell work is important to ensure fast and strong results.

This is more important for the person requesting the spell. In most cases when a spell is cast on someone else, they don’t even know of it. This element does not really apply in that case. They can’t have faith in the spell work, they can’t believe or disbelieve, since they do not even know that the spell has been cast. Rather, it’s the caster – the Houngan – or the client who know. Be confident in the person you pick to work for you and be confident in the power of the ritual.

7. Select the right spell for the job.

This may seem intuitive, but it isn’t always clear what the best spell will be in your case. For example, following a break-up the type of love spell selected will depend on various factors. Did you break up due to conflict or due to circumstance? Is there a new romance in the picture? This can help determine if a romance spell with a healing element is needed, or if a break-up spell is needed to deal with a new flame.

The person you pick to help you, Houngan or caster from a different tradition, will help you to select the best spell. They should have the experience of many cases like your own to know what spells will work the best. Make sure to provide as much detailed information about your case as possible so that the two of you can select the right ritual work together.




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