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A frequent question: “Am I Cursed?”

Am I Cursed

Have you ever asked yourself if you are cursed? The first symptom of a curse may be asking this very question. When someone is under spiritual attack, when they are suffering from the effects of a curse or a negative spell, they tend to know it intuitively. This is extra true for anyone who is aware of the spiritual world or who is sensitive to spirits. We’re able to distinguish between regular bad luck and a pattern that is symptomatic of something deliberate. The hunch that you may be cursed is often the first indicator that something more is going on.

Here are a few ways to distinguish between misfortune by happenstance and the effects of an actual curse:

When cursed, you experience a pattern of harm beyond the normal.

We all experience bad luck and misfortune from time to time. Everyone experiences financial loss or romantic heartbreak. This is normal and a part of the human condition. These can even be tests or growing experiences given to us by the spirits to become better people. However, when bad “luck” seems to be occurring far beyond mere chance is when we need to become suspicious. If your last romantic partner broke up with you, this may be normal, there may be a reason for it. However, if your last ten girlfriends (or boyfriends) broke up with you – now you should wonder if something behind the scenes has caused this pattern of events. Attacking love is one of the most common types of curses, alongside health and finances. A popular expression goes: “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.” We could add to that: “Fool me ten times, it’s a curse.” A little joke, but I hope you get the idea. What we’re looking for are patterns out of the ordinary that would indicate a deliberate attack on you.

Your misfortune is clustered around specific areas of your life.

When we experience regular bad luck it is generally random. As such, it tends to fall all over the place. You may get sick one day, get in a fight with your spouse another day, or lose a bet the third day. When a curse is in effect it usually targets one specific area. To illustrate – you may break your leg, then catch the flu, then your nails dry up or your hair falls out. This would be a pattern that shows a deliberate attack on your physical health. As attacks on physical health are an extremely common form of curse, this would be a time to become suspicious. When you experience repeated failure in a relationship, not just one or two break-ups, this is also a symptom. If no matter what you do you can’t get out of debt, you can’t hold on to a job or money, this is a pattern associated with spiritual attacks on your finances.

You know people who work with evil spirits.

If you know people who work with evil spirits or dark spiritual forces, this is one additional piece of the puzzle. For someone to place a curse on you they must know how. If someone wishes to harm you, but they don’t know how to call upon these forces (or they’re not willing to ask someone else to do it), then they can’t place a curse even if they want to. (There is one small exception here – when people focus their negative energy on you obsessively they may create a harmful spiritual force targeted at you.) This alone does not mean you will be cursed. The person of course would need a reason to do so, or a motive. This brings us to:

You have enemies who would be willing to curse you.

Set aside the ability to create a curse for a moment and ask yourself: “Do I have enemies that would be willing to do this to me?” If so, red flag. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a curse, a person knows how to perform a curse and they are your enemy, you’ve probably found your answer. However, even if someone doesn’t have the ability to perform a curse directly they may still place one. This is as simple as finding someone to do a curse for them. Houngans in Voodoo perform curses, we are often called Bokurs when we do so. People come to us regularly requesting curses. It is actually quite common. Thus you must ask yourself: “Would my enemies be willing to have this done to me?”

Many people in your life are jealous of you.

You may not be surprised to learn that some of the people who would do you harm pretend to be your friends. People who use curses out of jealousy are almost as common as open enemies who don’t conceal the fact they hate you. Maybe they want what you have, or maybe they just don’t want to see anyone do better than they are doing. Whatever the reason, jealousy is an extremely strong motivator for vengeful behavior. I see this most frequently in clients who are fairly successful, as well as popular or extroverted. They are doing well, then suddenly they experience a streak of bad fortune. When we examine the situation and uncover who is responsible, it is often a friend or acquaintance. It usually will not be their closest friend, but someone they casually know or someone who used to be a close friend in the past. In many cases it is a family member.

The behavior of loved ones suddenly changes.

As curses commonly target love and relationships, an early warning sign is a sudden behavioral change in family members or loved ones. This can manifest either as changes in their own demeanor, or their behavior toward you. You see, many curses aren’t intended to harm just you. People who would wish you harm may also dislike your spouse, they may dislike your sister or your mother. Curses often target more than one person. They target relationships and families. This means there are two things for you to watch out for: your loved ones change their behavior toward you, or your loved ones suddenly start to experience the same patterns of misfortune. Either way, you can be sure something is out of the ordinary.




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