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I began this website in 2008 – after almost thirteen years of assisting clients online it was time for a modern site update. All of the traditional Voodoo spells are still available, as are custom spells and a few updated spells. I hope that the new website will be more accessible and easier for you to navigate. Importantly, I also want to keep you all up to date with information and news from the Voodoo world.

There are two new links on the menu, Resources and About Lwa. The first will give you a list of recommended reading if you are absolutely new to Voodoo. If you would like to learn about Voodoo history, about rites and spells, culture or anything else this list is a good place to start. I will update this with intermediate and advanced information on Voodoo rituals and spells soon, so make sure to check back in often.

Under the About Lwa page is a list of the main Lwa – the spirits of Voodoo – all of whom I work with. This is not a complete list. There are hundreds of Lwa, but these are the main ones. I will update each of these individually with time, so check back in frequently if there is a Lwa you feel a special affinity with. (If you have a Lwa you do feel a special affinity with, send me an email. I will begin collecting information on that one first.) I will include comprehensive information about the Lwa, or at least everything that is not a secret. What I can share are the individual traits and personalities of the Lwa, the kinds of offerings and rites they prefer, what kind of spells each specializes with, what times are good for working with them. This will be a big project, so it will take some time to finish. As always, I spend most of my time performing work for all of my clients, so that will determine how much time I am able to take to write about the Lwa.

For all of my clients who have been with me throughout the years, it has always been a pleasure to work with you. I hope that you enjoy the new website and that we continue our fruitful workings together for many more years!


Emmanuel A.E.

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