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When To Use A Revenge Spell

When can I use a revenge spell

It’s no secret that the Voodoo tradition is a storehouse of powerful spells. This does include some very dark ones. Among the darkest Voodoo spells are those in the overlapping domains of revenge and justice. A revenge spell can be used to turn harm back upon someone who has wronged you. You may have experienced a spiritual harm, a financial harm or even a physical harm. This type of ritual is intended to direct that harm back around to your attacker.

You may be wondering when to use a spell like this. Here are a few common scenarios:

When you have been wronged.

You can use a revenge spell when someone has treated you badly and you wish for them to experience the same. As revenge and justice spells are intended to turn energy back upon a person, they are apt for situations where you have been wronged. The person who has transgressed against you will now be forced to walk a mile in your shoes. They will have to experience exactly what you have experienced.

This is a great way to give them a taste of their own medicine.

When you need to protect yourself.

A spell for revenge is not only for attack, it is for defense. Putting a spell for revenge in place may be an important way for you to protect yourself from ongoing attacks. This is especially useful when someone intends to continue coming after you in some way. Often this is in the form of spiritual attack, a negative person who is pushing spiritual harm your way. In short, someone using spells or curses on you.

The revenge spell will give them something else to think about. It will keep their hands full and keep them too busy to follow up with future attacks on you. This kind of spell can be used to sap their spiritual power, so they cannot attack you. It could be used to sap their physical strength, so that they don’t have the energy to pursue you.

When you need to protect others.

Even more important than self protection may be protection of your loved ones. When a lover, a child or a family member comes under attack you will not stop at any length to protect them. In addition to spells specifically for protection, a spell for revenge or an offensive curse may be called for here. As above, this will act upon the malevolent person and quickly nip their harmful behavior in the bud.

When you can’t find justice.

We often discuss revenge spells and justice spells in the same context. These are slightly different, but in related domains. A spell to bring you justice is used when conventional means have been unsuccessful. This is the kind of spell used if no one else has been able to help you find justice through non-spiritual means. Sadly this is all too common, as the mundane authorities may fail you. People you should be able to trust may not live up to that trust. This is where spells for justice come into play. They bring around karma, quickly.

This is the kind of spell to be used when you have been the victim of a crime, or when you have been mistreated and have no recourse. These are common spells used when an employer has treated an employee unfairly, if a teacher has treated a student unfairly, or if anyone in a position of power has treated someone beneath them unfairly.

When you want to begin healing yourself.

We are often told to just let things go and move on. Usually, this is good advice – but not in all cases. To begin our own spiritual and emotional healing, often we need closure. And closure is hard to find when you know someone has wronged you and you know they’re getting away with it. The right spell can bring about the justice needed for closure. It can bring your attacker to the justice they deserve so that you can begin your own healing process. It can end the fear of future attacks from that person. It may be the last step you need before you can really move on.




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